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Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle Accidents

As every motorcyclist knows, attendant with the joy and freedom associated with riding a motorcycle on the roads in California are the dangers presented by hazards of the road including careless and inattentive motorists who often fail to see a motorcyclist and thereby cause an accident.  Motorcyclists are not only more vulnerable to serious injury, they are subjected to a predetermined and unfair public perception that they may be the ones at fault when a tragic accident occurs.

A motorcyclist therefore needs an attorney who is tuned into the special needs of a motorcyclist-client injured in an accident, who can level the playing field, and who can provide the quality representation an injured motorcyclist deserves. 

Meisel, Krentsa & Burneikis are experienced, motorcycle-friendly attorneys who have represented many motorcyclists involved in serious accidents.  In one such case, a 17-year-old motorcyclist was struck by an airport transportation passenger van at an intersection in San Francisco, which the local police department investigated and determined that the motorcyclist was at fault.  We took on the case and demonstrated—with the assistance of our team of experts—that the motorcyclist proceeded within the speed limit and was attentive while the operator of the airport transportation passenger van was inattentive and careless and thus at fault for causing the incident.  We also demonstrated that the intersection where the incident took place was dangerous in that cars parked at a 45-degree angle blocked the line of sight for both the motorcyclist and the vehicle operator as each approached and entered into the intersection.  This resulted in an award to our client of $975,000.00.  See our Record of Success for details.

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