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Injured Alaskan Fisherman Receives $641,000.00 Settlement from Accident on Fishing Vessel

Mr. Selhorst was working on an Alaskan Fishing Vessel. The Vessel encountered rough seas causing Robert to fall  into an unsecured plastic garbage bag. As Robert put his hand and arm out to break his fall, his hand struck the plastic bag and was pierced by glass that had been disposed in the garbage bag. This caused a deep laceration and a severed nerve complicated by development of carpal tunnel syndrome.

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Broken leg case settled for $415,000.00

In the case of Li vs Chang et al, San Francisco Superior Court case number CGC 08-472453, a 62 year old man with a broken leg was obtained $415,000.00 in a case that was settled just prior to trial.

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14 year old girl wins settlement after rape and attempted suicide. (Roe v Francisco, et. al., Santa

After a 14 year old was raped, she became depressed and distraught, and was driven to try and take her own life, which luckily was not successful. Our firm sued multiple parties not only for the rape, but for actions which compounded her emotional trauma and drove her to attempt suicide. Researching California law, we determined that a claim could be brought against the responsible parties for creating a mental state with an irresistible impulse to commit suicide. This resulted in our client winning a substantial six figure settlement that accounted for her physical and emotional injuries.

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66 year old handyman receives $275,000.00 settlement from homeowner

On December 9, 2012, one day prior to trial, Meisel & Krentsa settled the claims of a handyman who was injured when the garage he was working on collapsed. The homeowner claimed the handyman caused the collapse but the law firm successfully claimed the homeowner was liable due to their failure to obtain a building permit from the City of Berkeley when one was required.

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