Free consultation
Meisel, Krentsa & Burneikis will not charge you for an initial consultation about your bodily injury case. You may call the office or send an email, where you will be asked to provide information about the case. The firm may then schedule a meeting with you to obtain more detailed information and to review the documents required to retain the law firm. If you decide not to retain the law firm, of if the firm decides not to accept your case, there will be no fee charged to you.
Contingent fee
Typically when the firm agrees to accept a personal injury case, the firm will agree to take the case on a contingent fee agreement. This means that there is no attorney fee unless there is a financial recovery, and then the fee is a percentage of the recovery that we have agreed to at the time the firm is retained.
Case costs are different from attorney's fees. The law firm will incur costs in order to prosecute the case, as for example, on investigation; obtaining police, medical, and other records; hiring experts; court costs; and the like. In most personal injury cases, the firm will agree to advance the case costs, and these costs will be reimbursed to the firm out of the financial recovery. If the firm agrees to this arrangement, you will not be charged for case costs unless there is a financial recovery.
Structured settlement
A structured settlement is a settlement where part of the financial recovery is paid in the future, in a pre-determined stream of income, and/or in lump sum payments due on dates certain. Thus, payments may be made on defined dates in the future, whether that be monthly, annually, or any other payment schedule that is agreed to at the time the structured settlement is created. There are a number of potential advantages and issues in connection with a structured settlement which your attorney will discuss with you in detail if such an arrangement were to be considered on your case.

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Free consultation—no fee unless there is a financial recovery
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