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Attorney Referrals

Meisel Law Group is pleased to accept case referrals from attorneys and law firms throughout California. We also welcome Association of Counsel relationships, and can assist you in an advisory role. Many of our cases have been referred to us by attorney's and law firms who trust us to provide excellent representation to the client. Referral fees or fee sharing will be fair and reasonable in accordance with the governing laws, and the referring law firm's work on the case and client relationship will be highly regarded.

Lawyers have referred cases to us for many reasons including our expertise, trial experience and skill, record of success, our ability to organize complex matters, and the resources we can bring to a case. When we combine our efforts, you and your clients can be confident the case will have the best chance for favorable resolution.

If your Firm has a case where you would like to consider the possibility of a referral or co-counsel arrangement, or if you need a consultation, please feel free to contact us.