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Disclaimer: These testimonials or endorsements do not constitute a guarantee, warranty, or prediction regarding the outcome of your legal matter. To maintain client privacy, real clients are not pictured; these photographs are for dramatization purposes only.



I was in a hit and run accident a few months ago. I was very worried about the medical billings, my damaged vehicle and every steps that I had to deal with the insurance. I am glad that I found the Meisel Law Group. The firm and their staff assisted me from the beginning, throughout the whole process and provided me updates every now and then. The attorney was responsive and their team worked professionally.  I am very satisfied with the result. I will recommend to anyone.

Benny L.

I just want to thank everybody who works at Meisel Law Group. In July 2015, I got hit by a car while riding my road bike, and broke my tibia and fibula. The driver was at fault, and I hired Meisel Law Group because of their great reputation and years of experience.

They have been very helpful and supportive from the beginning, and as I continued many weeks of physical therapy, I am confident of the outcome.

Jean L.
Moni Lau-Tai

I was pleased to find Meisel Law Group to represent me on my case. I was lost and depressed after being involved in a traumatic accident. Mr. Meisel is very experienced and thoughtful. He considered every angle of my case and was able to get the case settled with a very good result. The settlement was achieved without a long delay. Besides taking care of my case, Mr. Meisel also provided many helpful suggestions and encouragement to better manage my life.

The office staff were knowledgeable and professional. I was glad to have Irene Fung and appreciated her efforts to address the logistics of my circumstances. The staff and Mr. Meisel were responsive to my calls and emails.

It was a blessing to Have such a professional legal team work on my case and achieve the result for me. I will surely refer family and friends in need of legal help on personal injury cases to Meisel Law Group.


Moni Lau-Tai

My Mom was killed in a vehicular accident. Our family was grief stricken and devastated. When we learned the responsible party had inadequate insurance coverage that added insult to injury. The law firm guided us through this painful and difficult time with compassion, sincerity and professionalism. They worked hard and went the extra mile to obtain all the legal compensation available – even more than the policy limits. My family is thankful we had such excellent legal representation  and we highly and recommend Meisel Law Group.

Helena W.

Working with Mr. Meisel and his staff was great, reducing my stress and allowing me to focus on my recovery. They simplified, and brought sanity to the process of dealing with insurance companies.

Eric S.
woman 2

After I was in a terrible car accident, I was injured. I was scared as I did not know who would pay our substantial medical bills. The Law Firm was fabulous, they fought and won for my compensation that I deserved. Thank you! The staff and attorney’s were caring, considerate and very responsive. The firm obtained a great result for us and we would recommend them highly.


Three years ago, I was a pedestrian crossing the street and was struck by an automobile. I sustained severe injuries and almost lost my life. I hired the Meisel Law Group to represent me. The staff at the office was very professional, caring, and patient. Although I am an immigrant who doesn't speak much English, they were able to update and communicate with me in my native language. That was such a relief!

They invested a lot of effort in gathering evidence and investigated my case thoroughly. The firm helped preserving my legal rights, and I obtained the optimal compensation that I legally deserved. I want take this opportunity to extend my most sincere gratitude to the entire staff at the Meisel law firm.

Sheng L.

I had a car accident in 2012 and hired Meisel Law Group to represent me.  After they worked diligently on my case for 3 years, they successfully settled my case.  As their client, I appreciated that they provided excellent service throughout the entire process.  They kept me well informed and answered all my questions in a timely manner.  They are professional people you can trust to get the job done. Thanks again to the lawyers at Meisel Law Group!

Wan S.

On June 20, 2011 I was involved in a life threatening accident when I was riding my bicycle and I was struck by a Truck. Mr. Meisel and his Firm provided me and my family with excellent legal representation for the duration of my case against the trucking company. Through their diligent work I received a fair and equitable settlement. I found the Lawyers and Staff at the Law Firm to be personable, easy to work with, and I felt I was given the attention I deserved. I would gladly retain the Meisel Law Group in the future if I ever have the need.

Robert B.

Andy Meisel, Anita Louie, and their team were spectacular. They were very professional, detailed, and diligent throughout the whole process. They definitely relieved a lot of stress from our family given the tough and tragic time we were going through.

Andy went to any length to ensure the case had the best possible outcome. He spent days and nights researching, connecting with professionals, and prepared tons of background evidence. He’s very experienced from being in the industry for 40+ years and has definitely gained our trust as he strategically walked us through every step, outcome, and decision, so we would receive the highest benefit possible.

An added benefit was having Anita as our legal assistant. She is fluent in Chinese, which was a tremendous help because my family didn’t speak English at all. She is very knowledgeable and well versed as she’s been working with Andy for 30+ years. She stayed with us for the whole case and kept us grounded and updated every step of the way making the process as smooth as possible for me and my family.

We were so glad we hired Meisel Law Group for our case and can’t thank them enough for representing us and striving for a big win.

R. W.

A few years back, I was injured severely by a tree branch. After careful consideration, I chose the Meisel Law Group to represent me in my claim. They offer different languages. In addition, they are very detail-oriented when pursuing justice for their clients. I am very pleased with their level of professionalism. Thank you very much for the service.

Yi T.

I still remember from Day 1 - they visited me at my house to understand my case and helped me to attain the reasonable compensation to the end.  I truly appreciate all of the staff who worked on my case for over 2 years! They are professional, detail oriented, caring and thoughtful – I was lucky to have them representing me out of my “unlucky car accident”.

Jennifer H.

"I was a passenger in a vehicle which was involved in an accident. I was seriously injured. I hired Meisel Law Group to represent me. They provided professional service which helped me and my family go through that most difficult time. The staff members speak my language and were as caring as my family. I was able to obtain the compensation I deserved. I was so grateful that I hired this law firm. "

Jenny M.
Young woman

A year ago, I went through a traumatic event. I have been struck by a vehicle while crossing the street before heading home. Due to this accident I was on the verge of losing my life, but thankfully I didn’t and is now still recovering from my injuries. My family took the liberty of hiring the Meisel Law Group to help represent me and gain justice to what has happened to me. I lost full memory of what happened that day as well as living with short term memory due to the accident. The staff was understanding and took the extra step to help me understand what is going on and how to move forward with my case. There was a lot going on during this time, but the staff assured my family and I that they will take care of everything and updated us every step of the way.

My parents’ native language isn't English so one of the staff members translated everything for them so there isn’t any miscommunication. I am very thankful for all they have done for me and my family. We could rest easily without the stress of balancing my health, work, and etc. We placed our full trust in them and they have done an amazing job. I am truly thankful for all of the things they have done for us and for treating us like we were part of their family.


Amanda C.
T.T. testimonial for Meisel Law Group

We are truly blessed as the Meisel Law Firm was there for us during the difficult time. They were patient and compassionate, provided comforting and supporting to our family in a time of intense grief. The firm was professional, helpful and transparent throughout the process.  Mr. Meisel guided us through the complexities of the legal proceedings, and our family case was well presented for an impressive result.


We would like to thank you and your esteemed firm for representing our family on behalf of my late mom, whom we lost last year due to a tragic car accident.  We were very fortunate to receive the great service and representation that was above and beyond what we expected.  You and your entire staff were thorough, professional, intellect, compassion and always kept us informed during the process.  You were always available when we had question or concern.

Losing my mom was the most difficult and painful experience our family ever suffered. I am hoping your great work will reach beyond our family and send a powerful safety message to all drivers on the road, so that no family will ever have to endure what we went through.

We are so grateful for the legal counseling and advice you provided and will not hesitate to recommend your firm to anyone who needs personal injury or wrongful death case assistance in California.

The Wang Family