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The Meisel Law Blog

The following blog posts include news and articles with relevance to personal injury, as well as to our firm.


Andrew Meisel Achieves Among Top 10 Settlements in United States for 2021

Meisel Law Group is proud to announce that Andrew Meisel, the founding Partner at the firm, has been recognized for achieving one of the top 10 settlements in the United States in 2021. This prestigious recognition was awarded to Andrew… read more


Pothole Accidents in San Francisco

San Francisco, along with many other cities in California, is notorious for its potholes, particularly during the rainy season. Potholes pose serious risks of injury to cyclists and pedestrians. Personal injury claims related to… read more


How to Find a Personal Injury Attorney

Once you have decided to hire a personal injury attorney to help you pursue your personal injury claims, it can be confusing to find one who is an experienced and capable attorney and can best serve your interests. There are many… read more


Should You Hire an Attorney for a Personal Injury Case?

The legal system is complex, requiring the experience, knowledge and skill of a dedicated attorney where compensation is sought for a serious injury. Mistakes can result in injured victims receiving substantially less compensation. An… read more


What is a Personal Injury Case?

A personal injury case involves a claim for monetary damages (compensation) by an injured victim against the person, persons and/or entities that are at fault for causing the injuries. In California, the injured person will be entitled… read more


Meisel Law Group wins 9-million-dollar verdict for injured pedestrian

A car driven by George Chang backed up onto the sidewalk on Irving Street in San Francisco, striking L.K., a 72-year old man who was out shopping with his wife. The impact caused brain injury that left the man disabled and dependent on… read more


Meisel's 35 Million Dollar Settlement Among Top Settlements in the U.S. in 2021

On September 26, 2020, a large tree branch failed in a public park in Burlingame, California. One person was killed, and another severely injured, when the three-thousand-pound branch fell from a tree while a group was having a picnic… read more


Understanding Automobile Insurance

Automobile insurance policies can be very difficult to understand if one attempts to read the full policy issued by the insurance company. There are many coverages that can be found in a typical policy, the purpose of this article is to… read more


The Essential Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Coverage

Even in the best economic times, a large percentage of driver’s on California roads carry either no automobile insurance, or insufficient insurance to pay for the damages caused by their negligent operation of a motor vehicle. It has… read more


What To Do After a Car Accident

  • Call 911 to report injuries and notify police 
  • Write down names, addresses, phone numbers, and license plate numbers of any witnesses, people and vehicles involved
  • Do NOT discuss the accident with anyone… read more