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Bicycle Accidents

motorists check on injured cyclist

Meisel Law Group are experienced, bicycle-friendly lawyers who understand the unique issues facing an injured bicyclist client.  The firm is a sponsor of the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition. Bicyclists are particularly vulnerable to sustaining injuries through the fault of the operator of a motor vehicle or a hazard on the roads. Too often we find that bicyclists have been cited by the investigating police department as having been partially or fully at fault for causing the incident when the facts and law strongly suggest otherwise.  When representing a bicyclist who has been injured in an accident, our firm undertakes a careful investigation of all facts and circumstances surrounding the incident including the physical characteristics of the location where the incident took place, any construction that was ongoing at or near the scene, and the particular road conditions present at the time. Our team of experts is especially tuned in to the issues presented in representing an injured bicyclist.

We have successfully represented many injured bicyclists and have obtained substantial financial recoveries for them in claims against drivers of motor vehicles, buses, and trucks, and in claims against a public entity for a dangerous condition of the roadway.  In one recent case, our client was awarded $750,000.00 after he was sideswiped by a truck causing him to be thrown from his bicycle onto the shoulder of the roadway. The firm demonstrated that our client had the right of way and the truck driver was speeding and inattentive. See our Record of Success in this regard.