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burning matches

It has been said that burns can be amongst the most painful injury one can suffer. Healing can be difficult, requiring extensive medical treatment, and one may be left with disfigurement and loss of function, even death. Sadly, many burn injuries could have been avoided altogether if only there had been more caution used to begin with. We have handled a significant number of burn injuries, from moderate to very severe burns and burns that have caused death. Our cases have involved burns from fires, explosions, electrocution, and from hot liquid such as tea being spilled on a customer at a restaurant.

In one case handled by the firm, a seaman burned in an explosion and fire on an oil tanker was awarded 1.75 million dollars at trial (Kim v Tee Kay Shipping Company).

If you or a loved one has suffered a burn injury, protect and enforce your rights and make certain that the responsible party is held fully accountable.