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Child and/or sexual abuse

woman embracing girl

Few cases arouse as much anger, misery, and emotional trauma as child and sexual abuse cases. Special consideration must be given to the sensitive nature of the offense and the emotional scars that cause a lifetime of pain and disability. We take special care with children, making sure their special needs are considered as their case is pursued, such as the protection of their identity by special court order.

The firm handled the case of a 14 year old girl who was sexually assaulted by an adult, and was so haunted by the memories of the rape and the difficulties it caused in her life relationships that she was driven to attempt to take her own life, which she fortunately failed to do. Meisel Law Group obtained compensation for her by carefully researching the applicable law, and then obtaining evidence to prove that she was entitled to compensation not only for the rape, but the injuries sustained in the suicide attempt. (Jane Roe v Francisco, et. al).