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Construction cases

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Construction cases involve many issues that require a careful inquiry and investigation so that all potentially liable parties and viable theories of liability are properly pursued. These parties may include the owner of the property where the construction was taking place, the general contractor, sub-contractors, suppliers, architects, project managers, engineers, or others. Construction sites double as workplace sites, and can be dangerous with the propensity for very serious injury and death. Too often, proper safety is overlooked and an accident occurs.

When a person is injured while working on the construction site, or if they are a bystander, sub-contractor, employee, or other, the claims for damages can be complicated by the many different parties involved on the job, the inter-relationship between those parties, and the status of the person who was injured as it relates to who caused the accident.

The Meisel Law Group is committed to assisting the victims of construction accidents to ensure that they receive professional representation, such that our client can obtain the compensation that is justified in their case. The firm will meet with you and evaluate your case, undertake an investigation as needed, create and implement a case plan using their extensive experience and resources, and work closely with you to keep you informed as to the progress of your case. If you have been injured in a construction accident, call us for a free consultation. Do not delay, as vital evidence which would help prove your case could be lost in the meantime.