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Injuries to children

little girl holding mom

When a child is injured, there are special considerations, including the vulnerable nature of a child who has been injured, the advantages of a structured settlement, and the need to protect a child's identity in certain cases. It is also vitally important for an attorney to take all necessary steps to demonstrate the future pain, suffering, need for medical care and cost, and loss of earning capacity in order to ensure that the full value of the case is properly considered. Given that a child will not be able to come back later and re-open the settlement, the case must be properly handled to begin with, and a client will benefit from retaining an attorney who has worked on cases involving injuries to children.

At Meisel Law Group, we take pride in our ability to help children obtain the compensation they need to deal with how the injuries have detrimentally affected them. We have handled many injury cases involving children of all ages, from infants to teenagers, and we have represented children in a wide variety of cases such as motor vehicle accidents, falls, swimming pool accidents, burns, spinal and brain injuries, vehicle accidents, bicycle accidents, and many more. We understand how a structured settlement can work to the long-term advantage of a child and their family, and have created many such structured settlements for the lifetime benefit of our children clients. Andrew Meisel has been recognized for his work in cases where young children have fallen through upper story screen windows. Mr. Meisel was interviewed for TV news after such an incident in the San Francisco bay area, where a very young child fell through a screened window on the upper floor of a hotel.