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Soft Tissue and Musculoskeletal Injuries

man wincing and holding neck

Injuries to the soft tissues of the body, whether that is muscle, tendon, ligament or other, can often be extremely painful with substantial disability. Insurance companies often claim that such injuries are self-limiting in nature, such that they will resolve on their own without treatment, and rely on such claims to try and avoid paying fair and reasonable compensation to the injury victim. At Meisel Law Group, we know from experience that these injuries are real, and can be quite severe. We are committed to prosecute the claims of our client with these types of injuries, and we have a substantial record of success in winning a settlement for our clients, and we have successfully represented our clients in court for these cases as well. In one recent case, we took the client’s case to trial and won a verdict for an amount much greater than the insurance company was offering our client for settlement.

Do not allow insurance companies to avoid compensating you properly - level the playing field by hiring capable, experienced attorneys who will fight for your rights.