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Wrongful Death

When a family member is tragically killed in an accident, the grief can be intractable, the emotional pain unbearable for the loved ones. Such a case requires the attorney to have detailed knowledge of the particular damages that are allowed, and the persons who can make a claim for damages. Spouses, domestic partners, children, parents and sometime siblings or even a grandparent may have a claim. It also takes special proof to demonstrate the lifetime loss of earnings and financial support, and the other economic damages suffered by the loss of a family member.

At Meisel Law Group we take the time to get to know our clients and to learn as much as possible about the loved one who was lost, because we know that this will enable us to demonstrate the loss of love, companionship, care, comfort and other damages which are permitted by law. We have the experience of having handled many wrongful death cases and we have the resources and dedication to bring the case to a successful conclusion.

The Firm will often prepare a powerful video presentation to depict the terrible loss inflicted on loved ones. In one such case, we represented the husband and daughter of a 70 year old woman, Mrs. Wendi Jin, who was killed by a car when she tried to cross the street. The police report concluded that Mrs. Jin was at fault for jay walking and the insurance company denied the case. We took the case to court and won a substantial award of nearly 2 million dollars, resulting in a policy limit settlement for the family. (Jin v Cooper)

In other recent cases the Firm obtained awards of over 2 million dollars for the wife and son of a 64 year-old man, 1.85 million dollars for the family of a 58 year-old man, 1.57 million dollars where a 46 year-old woman was killed in a single vehicle roll-over accident, and 1.5 million dollars for the family of a 74 year-old woman.