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Broken leg case settled for $415,000.00

boy on couch with broken leg

In the case of Li vs Chang et al, San Francisco Superior Court case number CGC 08-472453, a 62 year old man with a broken leg was obtained $415,000.00 in a case that was settled just prior to trial. Mr. Li was standing on the corner of 5th Avenue and Clement Street in San Francisco waiting for his bus when he was struck by an out-of-control car that jumped the curb onto the sidewalk. That car in turn, had been involved in a previous collision near the intersection of 6th Avenue and Clement, when a car exiting a parking space was in the process of merging onto Clement Street. The driver of the out-of-control vehicle blamed the accident on the merging car, and the merging car blamed the accident on the out-of-control vehicle. Mr. Li sustained a broken leg with a surgical repair that required additional surgeries to obtain proper healing.

Settlement Amount