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Family of 64-year-old man receives 2 Million Dollar Wrongful Death Settlement

It was near midnight on November 18, 2013 when 64 year old Mr. John Doe was driving home from his job as a Supervisor for  an international energy company. Mr. Doe’s route home took him on Southbound Highway 880 in Alameda County, California. Mr. Roe, a recently retired NFL defensive lineman who played for the Raiders, Falcons and Bengals, was southbound highway 880 proceeding at great speed when he lost control of his BMW 780 LI, crossed the center median, and struck Mr. Doe’s vehicle in a horrific violent collision that caused the immediate death of both drivers. Several other vehicles were also involved causing injuries to the drivers of those vehicles. According to police investigative documents, the retired football player had a blood alcohol level of 0.20 grams, more than twice the legal limit.

Mr. Doe was survived by his wife of nearly 40 years and an adult son currently serving in the United States Armed Forces. The retired NFL football player had a $500,000.00 automobile liability policy and a one million dollar umbrella. There was an Estate with assets but there were multiple priority claims for support from his minor children as well as claims from other creditors and the other persons injured in the incident. Mr. Doe’s estate and family filed a creditor’s claim against the Estate of the retired football player for wrongful death damages. The family was represented by Andrew H Meisel of Meisel Law Group in San Francisco, California. When asked about the general damages claims in the case, Mr. Meisel said the evidence indicated Mr. Doe was a loving father, a doting husband, a hard worker and a credit to the Community. The loss of his life was tragic and senseless, and a heart wrenching loss for his family and friends.

The case proceeded to  mediation with JAMS Mediation in San Francisco. The parties settled with a substantial contribution from the Estate of the retired football player over and above the liability and umbrella policy limits for the sum of two million and fifteen thousand dollars ($2,015,000.00). The names of the victim and the football player have been changed herein to Mr. Doe and Mr. Roe to protect their identities.

Settlement Amount