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Painter recovers $745,000.00 for electrical injury to forearm

A 35 year old painter was instructed by his employer to paint the façade of the employer’s building from the roof, using a long-arm aluminum paint pole. As the painter was lifting the pole up from the façade it contacted an overhead electrical wire, causing electrical burns to his forearm and hands which were in contact with the pole. After conducting an investigation and reviewing the matter with several experts, we filed suit after the utility company denied liability. During the course of the case, we proved that the overhead electrical wires were illegally close to the building, and had they been at the proper clearance, this incident would not have occurred. Shortly before the matter was set for trial, the utility company agreed to pay the sum of $745,000.00 to settle the matter. Our client was compensated for his loss of earnings and painful injuries, and he was able to move on with a productive life.

Settlement Amount