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Dangerous Conditions

collapsed road

Our elected and public officials are charged with the responsibility over streets, highways, roads and bridges. Some accidents take place because there is a dangerous condition that could have been averted by more careful attention to issues concerning public safety. In such events, accident victims can take action and make a claim against the responsible public entity. These are not easy cases however, and the laws that govern public entity liability are quite complex. There are even special procedures that must be used in any such case, and the time limits that must be followed are far more restrictive.

It is therefore of utmost importance to hire a law firm that has handled these types of cases, and knows how to navigate the web of procedures that apply, and legal requirements that pertain to whether the public entity will be held liable for the injuries.

At Meisel Law Group, we have handled cases against public entities for dangerous conditions of public property including the State of California, Cal Trans, and local governmental entities as well. We have worked on accidents that took place on interstate highways, local streets and roads, at intersections, and in pedestrian crosswalks. We have also represented victims injured in pothole accidents and tree accidents, both of which involve dangerous conditions. Recently, the law firm proceeded to trial against Cal Trans and the State of California in a wrongful death claim where Cal Trans and the State of California denied responsibility for the accident which took place on Interstate 80 in the Sierra Mountains. Our client won at trial, with a finding of complete responsibility on the State and Cal Trans.

If you have been injured in an accident and you there is a reason to consider an action against a public entity, call us for a free consultation.