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Spinal injuries and paralysis

Few injuries are as devastating as a spinal cord injury, particularly where there is resulting paralysis. The implications of such an injury to the victim and their loved ones are enormous, with wide ranging detriment to the quality of life, function and ability to earn a living, and quality of life. Presenting a spinal cord injury case requires substantial resources, witnesses and experts on behalf of the injured victim.

Given the experience of Meisel Law Group, you can be assured you are working together with a law firm that can draw upon its experience and professional ability to understand the complicated nature of the case, demonstrate the harm you have suffered and will continue to suffer, and employ the strategies needed to properly compensate you for all your damages.

In one spinal injury case handled by the law firm, Jeff Doe vs St Ignatius High School, et al, the firm developed a winning theory of liability where a 15 year old boy damaged his spinal cord and became a quadriplegic after he dove into a swimming pool. The defendant's asserted this was an unfortunate accident that was not their fault and they had no liability. The law firm carefully and skillfully developed the case, which resulted in a structured settlement shortly before trial was to begin in which the victim won a guaranteed payout of $12,100,000.00 and a payout to his life expectancy of $20,000,000.00.

The firm has successfully handled many spinal injury cases including paralysis, fusion, herniated disc and fractures resulting in millions of dollars in compensation for our clients.