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Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

woman having MRI scan

Injuries to the brain can range from a concussion or closed head injury all the way to severe, permanent injury and impairment. TBI can result from a blow to the head, or even in the absence of a direct blow to the head. The issues presented in a traumatic brain injury can be complex and subtle. Often a significant brain injury does not make itself easily known or definable. Very specialized testing must be undertaken by capable experts and medical professionals, from identifying the injury, to arriving at a prognosis, to assessing the particular impairment and how that will detrimentally impact a person in their personal life, relationships and work. Injuries to the brain can cause memory loss, cognitive impairment, impairment of physical functioning, emotional issues, and more.

Meisel Law Group has worked with experts in the area of brain injury evaluation, and we have experience with experts hired by the opposing party or insurance company. We know the issues and strategies needed to bring all the complicated issues together in order to demonstrate the nature and severity of the injuries, and the damages that flow from the brain injury, such that our client can obtain the compensation they need and deserve. In a case where our client, a 34 year old computer engineer sustained a TBI, the defense alleged that the victim was overstating his damages, and had the ability to return to work as a high wage earner after the injury was sustained. We assembled a team of experts to show that while the victim could return to work, he had a reduced ability to earn due to TBI. Just before the case was to go to trial, the case was settled for 3.8 million dollars. (John Doe v California Utility Company)