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Wrongful Death Case Settled for 1.825 Million Dollars

two women

Just weeks before trial was set to begin in the San Francisco Superior Court, the surviving wife and minor daughter of a 58 year old part time jewelry repairman was awarded 1.825 million dollars in a negotiated settlement. The man was killed on a rainy night when his compact car, stopped or moving very slowly in the right lane of I-80 near Vacaville, was rear ended by a tractor/trailer owned and operated by an international trucking company (identity confidential per terms of the settlement). The international trucking company claimed the car had improperly stopped on the freeway and the driver was at fault for causing the incident. When the deposition of the tractor/trailer driver was obtained by Meisel Law Group, it became clear that the driver had not followed his training for nighttime freeway driving, and that the driver’s inattention was a substantial cause of the incident. The decedent had been unemployed for most of the five years preceding the incident, but had recently returned to work part time as a jewelry repairperson. As part of the settlement, a structured settlement was funded to pay for a college fund for the minor, and then monthly payments for life, in addition a to a substantial current lump sum payment. The surviving spouse received a structured settlement which paid her an annual retirement benefit and a substantial immediate lump sum payment.

The surviving spouse had first retained another law firm to represent her family, and she grew dissatisfied with that representation during the course of the case. That law firm was discharged and Meisel Law Group took over the litigation of the case. After obtaining the case settlement, the client stated “Meisel Law Group did a great job handling my case. Their service was professional, they were very responsive, and I would strongly recommend the firm to anyone in need of a personal injury firm.”

Settlement Amount